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There were many attempts to assassinate Princess Snow White, all ordered by her evil stepmother. The stepmother's goal was to assassinate Snow White so she could be the fairest in all the land. Luckily, Snow White survived the first three attempts thanks to the huntsman and the seven dwarfs. The last attempt with a poisoned apple was successful and Snow White died while eating the poisoned apple. The dwarfs fashioned a coffin of glass and gold, and kept eternal vigil at her side. But the Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin. The Prince, finds the glass coffin, where the dwarfs are paying their respects as well as the animals. With the glass already been opened by the dwarfs, The Prince then leans in and gives her a soft kiss. After kissing her with a true loves kiss, she awakens from a deep sleep. Everyone cheers and celebrate with joy and the prince carries her to his horse. She kisses all of the dwarfs on the head and says goodbye. The Prince and Snow White ride off into the sunset. And they lived happily ever after.

The First Attempt[]

The Huntsman

After the king died, the queen asked her mirror, "Magic mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?". The mirror told the queen that Snow White was the fairest. The stepmother called her huntsman and told him to take the girl into the woods and cut out her heart as proof she was dead. But when the huntsman took Snow White into the woods. He felt so sorry for her that he let her flee. On his way back he killed a young boar and cut out it's heart. Then he gave it to Snow White's stepmother the queen who thought it was Snow White's heart.

The Attempts at the Cottage of The Seven Dwarves[]

The Lace[]

When Snow White's stepmother found out Snow White was still alive. She disguised as a peddlar woman and made a poisoned lace. She gave the lace to Snow White and choked her by making the lace tighten. Snow White fell dead and the wicked queen fled. However the dwarves came and revived Snow White by cutting the lace. Snow White survived.

The Poisoned Comb[]

When the stepmother found out that Snow White was alive. She changed into a gyspy and went to the dwarves cottage with a poisoned comb for Snow White. Snow White at first refused to let the woman in but when the queen showed her the comb, Snow White put it on her head and fell dead. The queen fled. The dwarves came home and found their housekeeper dead but when the took the comb out she awoke and breathed. Snow White lived.

The Poisoned Apple[]

The wicked queen learned that Snow White was still alive. So she rushed down to her dungeon and made a poisoned apple for Snow White. One side of the apple was poisoned and the other side wasn't. The wicked queen then disguised as a farmer's wife and made her way to the dwarves cottage. At the cottage the queen gave Snow White the poisoned half of the apple. Snow White ate it after the queen ate her half. Then, she fell to the floor, dead. the queen returned home and asked her mirror. The mirror told the queen she was fairest of all and then the dwarves came home to find Snow White dead. They laid her in a coffin made of glass and gold. One day a prince riding on his horse saw the coffin and begged the dwarves to part with it. The dwarves finally agreed so the prince and his men lifted the coffin and carried it. But a clumsy servant dropped a side causing the apple along with the poison to fall out of her mouth. Snow White awoke at last. The prince and Snow White were married. During the wedding, the queen was invited when she saw Snow White as the bride. She was forced to dance in hot iron shoes as punishment for attemped murder of Snow White.