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The Last Remaining of the Five Women who Changed History

Cinderella was queen of the First Kingdom. Her mother died when she was a child. When her father married again he married a woman with two daughters. Soon her father died and Cinderella was forced to become a servant until she met and married the prince.


Early Life[]

The Gaining of a Stepmother[]

Cinderella was born into a wealthy family. She lived a happy childhood with her mother and father. When her mother became ill and died, Cinderella's father married a woman with two daughters of her own. When her father died from an illness, the stepmother showed her true nature by forcing Cinderella to become a servant and be treated like a slave in her own home.

Queen of the First Kingdom[]

One day, an invitation from the King came to Cinderella's house. Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters read that it was for a royal ball from the Prince who was looking for a wife. Cinderella wanted to go to the ball but her stepmother refused. Heartbroken, Cinderella cried herself to sleep. Later that night, the Fairy Godmother appeared, she turned a pumpkin into a coach, eight mice into horses, a rat into a coachman and two lizards into footmen. Then she changed Cinderella's ragged servant's clothes into a beautiful gown. She warned her to be home by midnight, when everything would change back to normal. At the ball Prince Charming fell in love with her but at midnight Cinderella ran away and her gown turned back into rags, but one of her magical glass slippers fell off at the castle and remained enchanted. The stepmother and stepsisters talked about the mysterious woman who left a glass slipper at the ball. When the prince came into the house the stepmother at first refused to let Cinderella try on the slipper, only allowing her own daughters. When the prince insisted, it fit Cinderella perfectly. She married the prince and became queen. A few years later Cinderella gave birth to a baby girl named Ashley.

Relation to the House of White[]

Cinderella's daughter Ashley married Snow White's son Whitney White. After some years Cinderella became a grandmother. Cinderella was a good queen and she, along with other fairy tale princesses, brought a Golden Age to the fairy tale world.

The Coronation of Wendell White[]

She attended Wendell's coronation. There was much buzz about whether she was still alive and if she would attend, as the queen hadn't been seen in a while. She was a guest of honor, and attended the coronation with her two stepsisters. At the coronation ball she danced with the Dog Prince, not knowing he wasn't the real Wendell. Cinderella was important in the decision of Wendell being prepared to be king, asking the final question (if he was really Prince Wendell) to which the Dog Prince replied with honesty but was understood as Prince Wendell simply showing his humility.


Cinderella is well remembered just as Snow White, Rapunzel, and Gretel the Great, and with as much fondness. Ashley and Whitney White had a son. After their deaths due to poisoning, Wendell White grew up a smart prince. but he too was poisoned by his stepmother Christine White, nee Lewis. He survived and became King of the Fourth Kingdom.