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The Five Great Queens (also known as the Five Great Women of all time) were five women of fairy tales. Contrary to their depictions in fairy tales, these women were far from damsels in distress. After their tales, they changed their world for the better, brought a Golden Age to the fairy tale world and founded the five kingdoms. They were loved by their people and their names are still remembered to this day.

The Five Great Queens[]


  • Queen Riding Hood II., daughter of Riding Hood I.
  • Queen Riding Hood III., granddaughter of Riding Hood I.
  • Princess Ashley, daughter of Cinderella
  • King Wendell White, grandson of Paternal Grandmother Snow White and Maternal Grandmother Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty, descendent of Rapunzel.


  • Snow White is the only member of the five queens who was born a princess. The others were commoners before being crowned as queens.
  • Rapunzel is the only queen with a descendant who has a fairy tale of her own; Sleeping Beauty.