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Golden River Gold Fish
Golden River Gold Fish in it’s aquarium


Magic fish


Whoever puts his finger in the mouth of the fish turns that finger into a gold finger, which turns everything it touches into gold.

Known users:

Tony Lewis

Stick your finger in my mouth
Then turn around till you face south
Touch a thing that you would prize
and you will not Believe your eyes
Here is magic to behold
All that glitters can be gold

Warning – Do not break glass except in case of financial emergancy

The Golden River Gold Fish is a magic fish, that gives anyone who sticks his finger into its mouth a gold finger. Now the person can turn everything, he touches with this finger into gold.


Nothing is known about the history of the gold fish.


One morning on the river boat, Tony discovers an aquarium with this fish. Tony is tempted, but Virginia and Wolf warn him. However, in an unobserved moment, Tony can't resist. He smashes the glass while simulating a sneeze, sticks his little finger into the mouth of the fish and thus gets his gold finger. Tony thinks he is rich. But Virginia is concerned that Tony could turn the whole boat into gold.

Meanwhile Prince Wendell, transformed into a dog, notices that his real body must be very close. He swims to the evil queen's hiding place, can find his true body, but not initiate the reverse transformation. He wants to get Tony and hurries back to the boat that now arrives in Rivertown, where Tony and Virginia had recently seen Acorn with the traveling mirror.

As the prince comes to Rivertown, to tell Tony, he has found his right body, Burly, Blabberwort and Bluebell try to catch the prince. Tony wants to keep Wendell, but his gold finger transforms the trolls and the prince into a gold sculpture.


Golden River Goldfish[]

What happened to the fish, after Tony, Virginia and Wolf have arrived Rivertown, ist not known.

The golden Prince[]

Tony, Virginia and Wolf take the golden prince through the enchanted forest to Little Lamb Village. Here Virginia needs a sheep dog, to win the shepherdess competition. In the stable of the Peep family, Tony turns back the prince to life by the magic wishing well.

Frozen Rage[]

The trolls come as the ugly sculpture "Frozen Rage" on an unknown way to an antiquary in Kissing Town. Here they get sold to metal traders. As they try to melt down the sculpture, the trolls come back to life.