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Gretel the Great[]

Gretel the Great was queen of the South of the Second Kingdom and Hansel's sister.

Gretel and Hansel were the children of a poor woodcutter. After a great famine settled over the land, the woodcutter's wife abandons the children in the woods, where they're left to fend for themselves. There they fell into the hands of an evil witch who lived in a house made of gingerbread, candies and other sweet things. The witch caught them and locked them in the house to fatten them up before eventually eating the children.

Gretel outwitted the witch, tricking her into falling into the lit oven. Then she freed her brother and the two escaped the house. They took the witch's treasure and returned home, to the relief of their father, who had hated the plan of abandoning his children.

Little is known about her life after these events, and what led to her becoming queen.