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Hand Mirror
The Hand mirror shows Christine White


Magic mirror


A mirror, that shows answers to asked questions

Known owners:

Snow White
Virginia Lewis

Known users:

Virginia Lewis

The Magic hand mirror is a mirror, that shwos answers to asked questions. Virginia gets it from Snow White.


Virginia meets the ghost of Snow White in the cave, where her tomb is. After she has told Virginia her own story, she gives her these hand mirror, that will show Virginia, what she wants to see and what not.

After Virginia and Tony have left the cave at Snow White Falls, Virginia takes the mirror and asks, who the fairest in the land is. The mirror shows Christine White, Virginia's mother. Tony also recognizes his wife, who has been missing for years. Presence of mind he snatches Virginia the mirror out of her hand and throws it into the river, because he is convinced that Christine could see Virginia and him.