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King Whitney White was king of the Fourth Kingdom until he was murdered by Christine White, nursemaid to the late Queen Ashley and his second wife. He was the father to Prince Wendell White and a descendant of Snow White, queen of the Fourth Kingdom.


Whitney White was the son of Queen Snow White and heir to the throne. When his mother died, he became king along with his wife Ashley as his consort. Together they had a son, Wendell.

When Wendell was still very young Christine Lewis was appointed nursemaid of the young prince. While Christine pretended to take care of Wendell she began slowly poisoning the queen until she died. As Whitney and the kingdom mourned Ashley's death Christine appeared to try to comfort the king. After some time he married Wendell's nurse to let him have a new mother and to have someone at his side.

After the marriage his new consort began poisoning him until he died. After his death she took over the kingdom and tried to poison Wendell as well. But her plot was discovered and she was sent to prison for 1,000 years.