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Magic Bean
Magic dragon dung bean


Magic bean


Grants six wishes to the person who swallows it

Known owners:

Tony Lewis

Known users:

Tony Lewis

The Magic Bean aka Dragon Dung Bean is a magic item that was given to Tony Lewis by Wolf for information on Virginia's where about. The bean will grant six wishes after it has been swallowed.

"No, no its a standard multiple wishes deal six wishes. No going back on wishes one made, No making five wishes then wishing for another thousand. Come on is that a fair deal or what" - Quote by Wolf to Tony after he ask if this is for real.

Tony's Wishes[]

  1. He wished that his boss and his family would kiss his ass and be his slaves forever.
  2. He wished for a never ending supply of beer.
  3. he wished for something that would clean the apartment and he would never have to lift a finger.
  4. he wished for a million dollars.
  5. he wished he could get out of a cop car.
  6. he wished he could understand Prince Wendell as a dog.

Behind the scenes[]

  • After Tony spat out the used up bean, Prince Wendell is horrified, that Tony has swallowed it. Obviously dragon dung beans have a bad reputation in the nine kingdoms.
  • Tony's wish for a never ending supply of beer shows a vivid representation of exponential growth.