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Magic Crossbow
Magic Crossbow


Magic weapon


Hunting or murder

Known owners:

Christine White
The Huntsman

Known users:

The Huntsman

The Magic Crossbow is a magic weapon. If a bolt is fired from it, it would never stop until it hits the heart of a living being.


Years ago, during the Evil Queen's reign, she has showed the Huntsman the crossbow. When he asked what he had to do to win it, she replied he had only to close his eyes and fire wherever he wished and it would be his. He did so, and after speeding through the trees, the arrow struck a child playing in the forest. It was his son. As he pulled out the arrow, the Queen declared he was her Huntsman.



What happened to the crossbow is not known..

Known victims[]

  • The Huntsman's son
  • Many animals, including a deer
  • All gipsies
  • Viscount Lansky
  • An elf in Kissing Town
  • The Huntsman himself