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Magic Shoes
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Magic shoes




Makes the wearer and everyone and everything he carries invisible

Known owners:

Relish The Troll King
Virginia Lewis

Known users:

Relish The Troll King
Virginia Lewis (at Snow White Memorial Prison she leads Wolf and Wendell White in dog form)

The Magic Shoes owned by King Relish they have the power to turn the wearer invisible but also gives them the desire to not take them off. The shoes are one of King Relish most prized shoes being that it has it own pedestal.

When turning someone/thing invisible red and yellow shimmer appear around the object. The shoes do not keep you invisible forever they have a limited charge and need to rest before they can be used again. the shoes also have the power to turn anything you carry invisible as well.


Wolf throws the shoes into the river. What happens to them afterwards is not known.

Known users[]