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Ashley White was queen of the Fourth Kingdom until her death at the hands of Christine White, her successor. She was the wife of King Whitney White and the mother of Prince Wendell.


Little is known about her life before becoming queen of the Fourth Kingdom. She was the only daughter of Queen Cinderella of the 1st kingdom. She married Prince Whitney and became queen after the death of Snow White, her mother-in-law.

Sometime after the coronation she became pregnant and gave birth to her son, Wendell. Later the Queen and her husband appointed Christine Lewis the nursemaid to the young prince. While gaining the trust of the royals Christine began poisoning Ashley until she died one night in her sleep.

The kingdom mourned for a very long time and during this time Christine comforted the Queen's husband so that he decided marrying her to have a woman at his side and to give his son a new mother. This resulted in the poisoning of Whitney and the attempt on Wendell's life and the plot to take over all nine kingdoms.