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Portrait of Riding Hood I

She lived in the forest as a child with her widowed mother. One day, her grandmother got sick so her mother prepared a basket with food and sent Red Riding Hood to visit the grandmother deep in the woods, and warned her not to talk to any strangers on the way. A wolf happened to meet Red and tricked her into giving him information about her destination and her grandmother. He also tricked Red Riding Hood into taking a longer path and then made his way to the grandmother's house. There he ate the old woman and then disguised himself with her clothes, so he could also eat the young girl. When Red got to her grandmother's house, she thinks her grandmother (who is actually the Wolf) was suspicious. The Wolf jumped out of the bed and ate Red.

Red Riding Hood managed to escape the wolf. A huntsman who was passing by heard the commotion and came to help. He killed the wolf and freed Red and her grandmother.

Years later she became Queen of the Second Kingdom, little is known on this part of her history.

She married, and along with Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White and Gretel the Great they became the Five Great Queens of the Nine Kingdoms.