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Singing Ring
The singing ring


Magic ring


A singing engagement- or weddingring, that grands a lifetime love guarantee

Known users:

Virginia Lewis

How I long to linger
On your sweetheart's finger

The Singing Ring is a magic ring, that often sings. The ring grants a lifetime love guarantee.


Nothing is known about its origin and manufacture. It is part of the range of the jeweler in Kissing Town.


Wolf has won the Jack Rabit Jackpot in the casino of Kissing Town. Now he fears, if he gives Virginia the tenthousand Goldwendells, she would buy the Traveling Mirror, go home to New York and leave Wolf. So he lies to Virginia, and claims to have lost everything.

He organizes a pompous engagement party for two. He only needs an engagement ring. So he goes to the best jeweler and finally decides for this ring, despite the price of 7000 Goldwendells.

On the specially arranged engagement party Wolf wants to present the ring to his beloved Virginia. But Virginia becomes suspicious and asks where Wolf has got so much money from. He must admit that he has won 10,000 Goldwendells. Virginia reproaches Wolf of lying to her, and that they could have bought the traveling mirror and have gone back home to New York. She rejects the ring and leaves Wolf, who now remains disappointed. As the ring Wolf still singing holds his failure, he throws it into the river. Here it is immediately swallowed by a fish.

Later, at a banquet in honor of Tony, Wolf, and Virginia, Wolf insists Virginia to eat something. She wants fresh fish that is served immediately. When she removes the first bite, the singing ring suddenly reappears in the belly of the fish. Wolf sees this as destiny and insists that Virginia puts the ring on. She does, but doesn't want to get married. Wolf replies that she will do this because her baby needs a father. Virginia does not want a child, but Wolf replies that it is already too late for this and that she has a small wolf baby growing inside. The ring also confirms Virginia's pregnancy.


Due to the film, it is not known, what happened to the ring, after Virginia and Wolf have gone to New York. According to the book, the ring nestles Virginia's finger so tightly that it cannot be removed. So she takes it with her.

The verses of the ring[]

How I long to linger
On your sweetheart's finger

I will laugh and chuckle
On your girlie's knuckle

I will never fidget
Jump upon her digit

I'll be sweet and fresh
wrapped around her flesh

You're the luckiest man in the land
Cause you have the singing ring in your hand

You are the luckiest girl in the land
Cause we have a beautiful wedding plan

What's happening to me
I cannot see

Where's she gone
It's all gone wrong

You cannot win her
You cannot choose her
You are just a hopeless loser!

There's no doubt
and there's no maybe
The three of us
are having a baby!