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Snow White's Tomb
Virginia at Snow White's Tomb


Ninth Kingdom


Cave, Tomb


Virginia Lewis
Wendell White (in the body of the dog)

For Seven Men She Gave Her Life
For One Good Man, She Was His Wife
Beneath The Ice By Snow White Falls
Lies The Fairest Of Them All

Snow White's Tomb is the burial site of Snow White. It is discovered by Virginia and Prince Wendell White.


The grave is in a cave in the mines of the Ninth Kingdom, near the Snow White Falls.


Snow White probably died 14 or 15 years ago and was buried here.


Virginia Lewis is looking for an exit from the mines. She finds a bright ice cave with the tomb of Snow White. As she takes a closer look, she suddenly hears a woman's voice calling her name. It is Snow White's ghost. Snow White also greets her grandson and feels, that it was good for him to be a dog. As Virginia mentions that Wendell is losing his mind, Snow White explains that Virginia has to take care of it. Virginia has doubts, but Snow White is sure to have the right person and tells Virginia, that she would be standing on the edge of greatness.

Then she tells Virginia her own story (the well-known fairy tale). Snow White is convinced that Virginia will one day be, like herself and that she would be a great advisor to other lost girls. Then she gives Virginia a magic hand mirror and instructions, how to defeat the evil queen. She also grants Virginia a wish. Virginia wishes, that her fahter's bad luck is over, and that his spine isn't broken anymore. Although these are strictly spoken two wishes, Snow White fulfills them. Finally she points out to Virginia that her father is in danger and she should go to him immediately.

After Virginia has saved her father, she leads him to the cave, to show her, what she has seen before. But Snow white has disappeared and the cave is dark. Virginia blows out the toarch and she and her father hear a noise. As they follow it, they find the exit at Snow White Falls.