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DVD cover of the 10th Kingdom DVD.

The 10th Kingdom is a TV miniseries released by Hallmark Entertainment in 2000. The series depicts the adventures of Virginia and Tony Lewis, after they unwittingly travel by magic mirror to the Nine Kingdoms. Their home, Manhattan, is called The Tenth Kingdom, giving the series its name.


The story begins with Virginia Lewis, who acts as the narrator. She is a waitress, and while she is telling about her life, we see her doing everyday tasks for her father, Tony Lewis, the building's janitor. When she walks out into the hall, we meet Tony, who is fixing the elevator. He immediately begins to complain, and we begin to see Virginia's frustration with her life.

In another world, Burly, Blabberwort, and Bluebell the trolls arrive at Snow White Memorial Prison. As they put the guards to sleep with magic pink troll dust, they hear a noise. It is their father, Relish, the troll king. He removes magic shoes that have made him invisible, thereby allowing him entrance to the prison without being caught. He and his children make their way to the maximum security wing of the prison.

Prince Wendell White is travelling to the Snow White Memorial Prison to deny his stepmother, The Evil Queen, her plea for release. Upon first sight, Wendell seems spoiled, bored, and rude, and continues this way until he is given a turnaround by the queen herself. We discover that the three trolls have broken the queen out of jail, and she turns Wendell into a golden retriever, and vice-versa.