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The Huntsman






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A loyal servant of the Queen, he protects the Disenchanted Forest from any tresspassers and poachers, believing firmly in destiny and fate - what is meant to happen will happen.

Early Life[]

Born in the Disenchanted Forest, he lived as a forester and eventually fathered a son. (It is unknown what became of the mother or if he had any living relations, however due to his steadfast faithfulness to the Queen and her alone, it is presumed he has no living relatives.) Sometime during the Evil Queen's reign, she was with a hunting party and stopped to water her horses. She called him forward, showing him a magic crossbow. A bolt fired from it would never stop until it had hit the heart of a living being, and as such was "unable to miss." When asked what he had to do to win it, she replied he had only to close his eyes and fire wherever he wished and it would be his. He did so, and after speeding through the trees, the arrow struck a child playing in the forest. It was his son. As he pulled out the arrow, the Queen declared he was her Huntsman.

Relentless Pursuit[]

After being called to the Queen and ordered to track down the dog and his companions, the Huntsman begins his pursuit. Despite many setbacks, he eventually teams up with the troll trio and captures our heroes. Virginia and Tony are able to escape, however Wendell is taken to the castle and held there.


The End[]

Preparing to fire at Virginia, Wolf rushes at him, causing him to fire upwards. The two struggle with the Huntsman finally getting the upper hand and preparing to kill Wolf with his knife. At that moment, the arrow comes back down and lands in his back, piercing his heart.

Is It?[]

So far, no mention has been made on what happened to the body of the Huntsman or what became of his crossbow.