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Tony Lewis






Virginia Lewis (daughter)
Christine White (wife, deceased)
Wendell White (stepson)
Wolf (future son in-law)
Grandma Slevil (mother in-law)
Virginia’s Unborn Child (future granddaughter/grandson)


10th Kingdom
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Virginia Lewis
Wendell White


Christine White
The Huntsman


John Larroquette

Anthony (Tony) Lewis is the father of Virginia Lewis and husband of Christine White. He is the only one who can understand Prince Wendell in dog form. (Magic Bean)


Early life[]

Tony Lewis met Christine Slevil at her debut to society and was instantly taken by her beauty and they fell in love. The two were married when they where quite young, in their early 20's maybe even late teens, much to the chargin of Christine's mother. After the birth of his daughter, Virginia, Christine slowly became different from the woman he loved and married. After she almost drowned the seven-year-old Virginia, who was saved by her father, Christine went missing. To let Virginia have a better childhood he told her she left the family rather than telling her she was almost drowned by her own mother.

At the age of 21, Tony was a wealthy entrepreneur. Then he invested in bouncy castles. He took over after expending to fast and has lost everything. So he became a janitor.

Saviour of the Nine Kingdoms[]

Meeting Prince Wendell[]

After fleeing the scene from the back of the police car, Tony finds himself running into Virginia while still handcuffed, meets Prince. While Prince Wendell continues to bark, Virginia tells Tony he's (the dog) trying to talk. Tony remembering be still has a wish left, wishes he could understand everything Prince is trying to say. The barking turns into Prince Wendell's voice. Tony being amazed at his newfound ability, tells Virginia he can understand him.


Journey through the Fourth Kingdom[]

The gypsy camp[]

Snow White's cottage[]

Little Lamb Village[]

The Sally Peep murder case[]

Kissing Town[]

Visit in the Ninth Kingdom[]

Reunion with Christine[]

Hero of the Fourth Kingdom[]

Later life in the Fourth Kingdom[]

Curse of bad luck[]

The destruction of the Traveling Mirror results in a curse of bad luck that Tony is to haunt for the next seven years. This curse gets repealed by Snow White, who grants Virginia a wish. Every incident announces by a typical sound effect, a clatter of horse hooves with a pling-noise at the end. Tonys bad luck in detail:

  • A stone falls on his head
  • He steps into a rusty nail (only due to the book)
  • A storm cloud rains over him (only due to the book)
  • The book also depicts the first revival with the trolls after their salvation from the transformation to gold as part of Antony's bad luck.
  • The straps of his backpack tear at the same time
  • He grabbs into a wasp nest unusally high in the mountains
  • A stalactide falls down on his head
  • He stabs his finger with a wooden splinter
  • He overthrows a goblet of fire, whereby several mirrors fall over in a domino effect
  • His head hits a sign
  • He falls into a hole in the ground and breaks his spine

Strictly spoken Snow White grants Virginia two wishes, because she still wishes that her father's spine isn't broken anymore.


  • I wish, you and your entire family would kiss my ass, and be my slaves for ever!
  • Wolf: Julia, the axeman!
    Tony: Well, you know, what is it any wonder, he turned into a sick sadist!
  • Do we have magnets in our pockets? How do we attract people like this?
  • Come on, people, you don't believe in that silly superstition, do you?

Behind the scenes[]

  • When asked by the gypsies to sing a song, Antony sings the second verse of "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves". The song originally was performed by Cher.
  • In the deadly Swamp Antony hears the Song "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procol Harum. According to the book he hears the A-Side of the album "(The) Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. He hears the fourth Track (due to the tracklist it is "Time"), that he loves.