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Traveling Mirror
The traveling mirror in a stable in Little Lamb Village


Magic mirror


A mirror to travel back and forth to other places or dimensions

Known quantity:

3 (one fell into the see, one smashed, one is preserved)

Known owners:

Swamp Witch
Christine White
Judge in Little Lamb Village
Virginia Lewis
Jack (Farmer in Little Lamb Village)
The Huntsman
Tony Lewis
Wendell White

Known users:

Christine White
Wendell White (in the body of the dog)
Burly, Blabberwort and Bluebell
Tony Lewis
Virginia Lewis

The Traveling Mirror is a magic mirror, that makes it possible to travel to other places or dimensions. So it is possible to travel back and forth between the nine Kingdoms and the real world (the mystical Tenth Kingdom).


Once there were originally three traveling mirrors. They all were manufactored by the dwarfs of the Dragon Mountain. Nobody knows, when they were made. It is also not known what has happened to the mirrors in the meantime. However it is known, that one of these mirrors was fallen into the Northern Sea. The other two must have been owned by the Swamp Witch. One of these traveling mirrors remained in that castle, which became the Snow White Memorial Prison. The other one remained in the possession of the Swamp Witch, was later given to Christine White, and hidden in the ruin of one of the Swamp Witch's castles.

The Mirror from Snow White Memorial Prison[]

Traveling to New York and back[]

Owned by Acorn[]

Competition Prize[]

Kissing Town[]

Tony's accident[]

Christine Whites Mirror[]