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Troll Dust
Eric Graves sleeping by troll dust


Magic dust


Passes out its victims for a while

Known users:

Burly, Blabberwort, Bluebell

Troll Dust is magical pink dust that is thrown at people putting them to sleep for an undisclosed amount of time. Troll Dust is one thing trolls seem to have on them at all times.

Known people Troll dust has been used on[]

In Nine Kingdoms

  • Snow White Memorial Prison guards (slept for about a day)
  • Virginia Lewis (twice)
  • Tony Lewis
  • Christine's dog (in Wendell's body), Lord Rupert, all regents of the kingdoms, other invited guests, servants on Wendell's coronation ceremony in his Palace. Wolf exchanged the poison in the drinks for troll dust.

In Tenth Kingdom

  • Mr Graves (neighbor to the Lewis')
  • Mrs. Graves (neighbor to the Lewis')
  • Eric Graves (neighbor to the Lewis')
  • Tony Lewis