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Virginia Lewis
Virginia Lewis, after she smashed her bike.






Christine White (mother, deceased)
Tony Lewis (father)
Wendell White (stepbrother)
Snow White (stepgrandmother, deceased)
Wolf (Fiancé)
Grandma Slevil (grandmother)
Unborn Child (with Wolf)


Wendell White
10th Kingdom
4th Kingdom
Tony Lewis


Christine White
Swamp Witch
The Hunter


Kimberly Williams

Virginia Lewis is the only child of Tony Lewis and his wife Christine. Her life changed after she met a dog in Central Park. It turned out that the dog was Prince Wendell, prince of the Fourth Kingdom and its rightful ruler. Wendell was transformed into a dog by his stepmother, the Evil Queen, and implores Virginia for help to get him changed back and set everything to right again. During her adventure, she slowly develops feelings for a half-wolf named Wolf, who acts as Tony and Virginia's guide through the Nine Kingdoms. Eventually, she faces the Evil Queen and restores peace and order to the nine kingdoms.


Early life[]

Virginia was born in Manhattan to Tony and Christine Lewis. There are few things known about Virginia's life before her adventure in the Nine Kingdoms. The only event that is known was an event that changed not only her life, but also the lives of everyone in the Nine Kingdoms.

When Virginia was seven years old, her mother tried to drown her in the bathtub. Virginia's father came home from work just in time to stop Christine from what she was doing. He comforts Virginia, and Christine runs from their small apartment. Virginia doesn't remember the incident, but Tony does, and it makes him overprotective of his daughter at times.

Christine disappeared. Virginia lived with her father in a small apartment near Central Park until the beginning of the crisis in the Nine Kingdoms.

Due to the book, Virginia suffers from hay fever.

Prince, the dog[]

Fourteen years after her mother's disappearance, Virginia is on her way to the restaurant where she works as a waitress when she hits a dog with her bike. At first, she thinks the dog is dead, but after discovering that he is alright, she takes him to the restaurant with her. Her co-worker covers for her being late and ends up naming the dog 'Prince'. Learning she is in trouble, she leaves work with no other option than to take the dog with her.

Visiting The 10th Kingdom[]

Once leaving work, Virginia goes into the apartment building, she finds her neighbors asleep on the floor, having fallen victim to magic pink troll dust. Her apartment door is wrecked, and her father is also in a deep sleep because of the trolls. When they attack her and force her to tell her where the dog is, she tricks them by saying he is behind the elevator doors. When they go in, she pushes the "secret button", and the doors close. She rips out the control panel that Tony had been working on earlier that morning and locks them inside. Knowing now that her father is out of danger because they want the dog, she flees to her grandmother's apartment to spend the night. Her grandmother seems delusional, and believes that Virginia's mother is still in the country, and will come back someday. Virginia is skeptical. Grandmother talks about how beautiful her mother was, and how grand a debut she had. It is no secret to Virginia that Grandmother hates Tony and resents the fact that Christine married someone of the lower class.

Virginia wakes up late the next morning and looks for Grandmother. She walks into the older woman's bedroom and sees a form lying in the bed. Upon further inspection, she discovers that it is not Grandmother, but Wolf . When she finally escapes the bedroom, she finds Grandmother tied up in a roasting pan on the kitchen counter. Wolf finds her and she pushes him out of the window with a broom. Virginia realizes that if she doesn't get rid of "Prince", she will not escape out from all of this madness. She takes "Prince" back to Central Park where she found him, and finds her father, who was running from the police after some wishes from a magic bean (see Tony Lewis). Tony uses his last wish to gain the ability to communicate with the dog. and learned that they had to go through a portal if they wished to escape the police and the Trolls who were coming back to the portal.

Escape from the Troll Kingdom and freeing her father[]

Arriving in the Snow White Memorial Prison Virginia and Tony learned that they were in the Fourth Kingdom, a land of magic and the place where all the fairy-tales that appear in books happened in reality. The dog named prince was in fact Prince Wendell White, grandson of Queen Snow White and step-son to a witch whom all called the "Evil Queen". Wendell agreed to help them if they can help him find the Evil Queen and her magical dog to regain his body. While they searched the prison for the cell of the Evil Queen Virginia began having a strange feeling that there was something there she knew. Stepping a few meters away from the cell where Wendell's step-mother had been imprisoned for the attempted murder of her step-son Virginia was hit by Troll Dust and separated from Tony and Wendell.

Being taken to the Troll kingdom the Trolls believed her to be a witch from the newly discovered "10th Kingdom". The Troll King demanding answers did not believe Virginia's desperate attempts to deny being a witch, threatening to dance with her while she was wearing fire-burned iron shoes. Waiting for the shoes to get hot the King went to his chambers.

As Virginia is still strapped to the chair, the trolls talk about the ways to torture her to get her to talk. They antagonize her by cutting her stockings and writing on her stomach. Suddenly a present comes flying into the room from the open window. As the three trolls fight over it, each gets knocked out. Wolf has come to save Virgina. She stuffs the magic shoes into her backpack without wolf knowing and they leave.

Once getting to the prison, she puts inn the magic shoes and becomes invisible.

The Huntmans Woods[]

While hunting to find the magic mirror, the trio run into a women begging for food. Virginia being the good person she is, obliges handing her a sandwich. Given her advice about their travels, they travel into the forest and not on the main road.

As it gets dark, the trio run into a group of gypsies and are involuntary invited to stay. Tony gets his fortune told and learns he will have bad luck, but this doesn't phase him. Virginia gets her fortune told, giving up a lock of her hair. The old gypsy reveales to Virginia, that she is destined for a great fate and that she would do something great, what Virginia rejects. When the gypsy tells her that she has never forgiven her mother for her disappearance, Virginia breaks off the conversation. Once morning comes, they try to sneak out before the gypsies notice they are gone. Virginia being of good hearted nature, and sets free the magic birds. The gipsys notice, what Virginia does and first they chase her. But suddenly they withdraw. Instead of the old gipsy curses Virginia with her lock, that the old gipsy still has. Suddenly Virginia's hair grows unusualy fast. It grows longer and longer.

Snow White's Cottage[]

As a thunderstorm falls in the evening, Virginia, Wolf and Tony discover a small cottage in the wood. They enter the cottage and notice, that it is left for long time. Then they realize, that this ist Snow White's cottage, the cottage, where Prince Wendells grandmother Snow White lived with the seven dwarfes, when she was a child. Wolf tells Tony and Virginia, that Snow White, after she married the prince, became one of the five great queens who changed history, alongside Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Gretel the Great and Lady Rapunzel. Later Wolf asks Virginia for her mother and why she has gone. Virginia doesn't know and tells Wolf, that her mother doesn't mean anything to Virginia. But Wolf notices a big hurt and tells Virginia, she hast to do something great.

As the morning breaks, the whole cottage is full of Virginia's seemingly infinitely grown hair. Wolf and Tony try to cut it with everything, the can find. But nothing can cut her hair. Suddenly one of the magic birds appears and tells, that in the forest lives a woodman who has a magical axe, that cuts everything it hits. These axe would heal Virginia from her curse. Now Tony notices an apple tree and wants to eat an apple. Wolf can just hold him back and makes him aware, that this tree has grown most likely from the seeds of that apple that Snow White has poisoned. The three want to go further, but Wolf notices, that someone follows them and is hot on their heels: the hunter.

Caught by the Huntsman[]

Wolf explains, that the hunter can read and smell the traces, that his potential victims leave behind. So Wolf tries to confuse the hunter and all three hide with the golden prince under the forest ground. As the huntsman walks very, very slowly on the ground under which Virginia is hiding, the huntsman slowly pulls out his long, sharp knife from his boot, increasingly suspicious that someone is hiding from him. He continues to walk very, very slowly on the very weak ground under his massive weight. With each step he takes with his long yellow leather boots, it spreads fear across Virginia's body and she begins to shake uncontrollably as she feels each heavy step. The huntsman is now standing directly above Virginia with his long, sharp knife at hand and his long yellow leather boots right in front of Virginia's face. The huntsman is pondering and wondering if someone is hiding from him. Without his hat, he would hear anything from at least a mile away. Virginia sees him put his long, sharp knife back in his boot as a sign that he does not suspect that someone is hiding from him. At that very moment Virginia begins to feel a little itch in her nose. Virginia has hay fever. When she is underground under all the leaves and twigs, she is exposed to everything she is allergic to. And her very long hair makes matters even worse. The longer she is under the ground, the more she will sneeze. Typically, she would sneeze countless times. But hiding from the huntsman is a big deal and she knows she needs to control her sneeze. But she simply can't control it and she knows that she is about to sneeze very loudly at least once and that the huntsman is going to hear it. She tries to hold it in, but to no avail. She simply can't hold in her very loud sneeze. She ultimately sneezes very loudly after trying to hold it in for several seconds. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhh! Choo! The huntsman definitely hears her sneeze and he turns around wondering how he heard a sneeze after he was sure no one was hiding from him.

Meanwhile Wolf and Tony walk through the forest. After a while they meet the woodsman. Antony and Wolf can get the axe, if they can guess his name. After initial hesitation, they agree to the deal and Tony starts guessing. He must guess the name of the woodsman, before he chopped the pile into firewood. Otherwise Wolf would be beheaded. Tony tries a lot of names. But the right one is not included. With the help of a magic bird, Tony guesses the name Julia at the last moment.

Meanwhile the hunter interrogates Virginia. He tells her about how he became the queen's hunter. When he aims at Virginia with the crossbow to kill her, a bell sounds. The hunter leaves from Virginia and leaves his hiding place. At this moment a magic bird appears and grants Virginia a final support. The bird is said to lead Tony and Wolf to her. So he does and soon Tony and Wolf arrive at the huntsman's hiding place. They look for a way to get into the tree and free Virginia tied up in chains. But they can not find the door. Then Wolf has the idea that Virginia lets her hair down, like once Rapunzel did. So she does and Wolf climbs up the tree on Virginia's hair.

Wolf and the full moon[]

The shepherdess competition[]

Defending Wolf[]

Kissing Town[]

Dragon Mountain[]

Snow White and the Swamp Witch[]

A shocking revelation[]

Peace restored[]


  • Wolf: I get the feeling you still don't completely trust me.
    Virginia: I don't trust YOU at all! You tried to eat my grandmother!
  • You're crazy. Everybody in this whole place is crazy!
  • Mirror, mirror in my hand, who's the fairest in the land?
  • I still have this uncontrollable urge to just go up to people and say "My mother left me when I was seven!". As if that would explain everything. And I miss her. And I hate her! And I miss her!
  • I always wanted my life to be a fairy story, you know? And now it IS!
  • When you live every day with all your heart, then you can be happy ever after, even if it's only for short time.

We Will Shear You[]

To win the shephardess competition in Little Lamb Village, Virginia has to sing a sheep song. She asks her father, but he doesn't know any sheep song. So she has to improvise and adapts the lyrics of the song We Will Rock You by the British rock band Queen to the shearing of sheep:

Buddy, you're a lamb,
make a big bleat
playing in the field,
gonna be a big ram someday.
You got wool on your face.
you big disgrace,
waving your fleece all over the place.
Singing: "We will, we will shear you!"

Buddy, you're a young ewe,
look at you,
playing in the field,
gonna be a big ram someday.
You got wool on your face,
you big disgrace,
waving your fleece
all over the place.
Singing: "We will, we will shear you!"
Singing: "We will, we will shear you!"

Behind the scenes[]

  • Virginia has turned down two sure chances, to return to New York. The First in Little Lamb Village, to defend Wolf, the second in the Royal Palace, to confront her mother.
  • Virginia repeatedly mentions that she has to help her father again and again out of self-inflicted anger.
  • For a long time Virginia is struggling with self-doubts. At the latest after the first shocking confrontation with her mother, that changes and Virginia even grows beyond herself.
  • It can be assumed that at least one further season of the series was planned. Upon her return to New York, Virginia hinted at a new crisis almost immediately. And she said, that this would be the end of the first book about the tenth kingdom.

Savior of the nine kingdoms[]

Strictly speaking the savior of the nine kingdoms is teamwork. While Virginia is confronting the evil queen (her mother), her father keeps Virginia free by fighting the trolls. Wolf, who previously exchanged the Queen's poison for troll dust in the kitchen, throws himself at the hunter who is aiming at Virginia with his crossbow. But this teamwork only is possible due to Virginias important decisions during the mini-series. Her bravery and courage confirm her true greatness:

  • As Wolf and Virginia, invisible through the Troll King's shoes, look for her father in prison, contrary to Wolfs warnings that they will be visible again faster, she takes Prince Wendell with her.
  • Against all warnings, Virginia frees the magic birds from the gipsys.
  • When Wolf wants to kill the helpless hunter with the magic axe, Virginia insists on keeping him alive.
  • In order to win the traveling mirror, Virginia lets her father persuade her to take part in the shepherdess competition. She stands on the stage, improvises a sheep song and finally wins.
  • Virginia decides to defend the wolf accused of murder. This is the only reason why Tony and Prince Wendell start there investigations in this case and finally convict Sally's grandfather as her murderer and the Peep family of years of fraud in the village community.

It can be assumed, that all these happenings, which occurre on Virginia's initiative, will go down into the history of the nine kingdoms. And She and wolf lived happily ever after for the time being.